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Challenge: Design and Build a Medical Training Simulator.

The United States Air Force Special Operations Division stationed at Hurlburt Field, Florida was in need of a structure that would allow their emergency medicine personnel to train in a confined environment similar to that experienced when being transported by the Osprey CV-22 aircraft.

JSI Solution:

The simulator that was designed and manufactured by JSI Engineering measures 7’W x 12’L x 7’H and is constructed from lightweight, high-grade aircraft aluminum structural members. The unit also came equipped with all corrosion-resistant, stainless steel hardware. In addition, the trainer included slidable rails that allowed for the medical “dummies” to be moved vertically in the trainer as in the actual CV-22. Flush-mounted D-clips were installed in the floor to provide anchoring to secure the medical “dummies” to the trainer. Furthermore, the simulator was fully-collapsible and was cable to be taken apart and stowed in a matter of minutes.


Challenge: Design and Build Adjustable Maintenance Stands for the F-22 Raptor
Client: USAF

The USAF at Tyndall AFB desired adjustable maintenance platform lifts that would allow the maintenance personnel to access the wings of the F-22 Raptor. These stands had the unique requirement of being operated in a Hazardous Location of Class I, Division I environment.

JSI Solution:

JSI was tasked to design and manufacture aircraft maintenance stands for the F-22 Stealth fighter aircraft. The maintenance stands measure 25’L x 80’H x 7’W and are constructed from lightweight aluminum. These stands follow the contours of the F-22 Raptor and are capable of traveling vertically up to 12”. The aircraft stands are OSHA and AFOSH compliant and come complete with fall-protection features such as anti-skid flooring, stair treads, guardrails, and expanded metal with kickplates. In addition, features such as explosion-proof equipment that includes explosion-proof floodlights, motors, and electrical boxes make the maintenance stands equipped for the most severe hazardous locations of Class I, Division I. Moreover, the maintenance stands are equipped with a removable towbar and high-capacity casters that allow the unit to be towed up to speeds of 5 mph.

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Challenge: Design and Build Adjustable Tailstands for the F-22 Raptor.
Client: USAF

The USAF at Tyndall AFB desired platforms that would allow the maintenance personnel to access the vertical stabilizers of the F-22 Raptor. Once again, these stands had the unique requirement of being operated in a Hazardous Location of Class I, Division I environment. However, these stands had to follow the 60 degree vertical angle of the stabilizer and have the ability to translate front and back along the wing.

JSI Solution:

JSI was able to propose a design that the USAF accepted. JSI is now building the stands.

Challenge: Fabricate over 17,000 Weldments and Parts for the Amusement Theme Park Ride within 3 Months.
Client-: Classified

JSI Solution:

A local customer was in need of a local vendor to support their renovation of the theme park attraction. This vendor had to be certified with the American Welding Society, have an established and proven quality system, and be able to meet the customer’s demanding schedule. JSI met all of the criteria. JSI fabricated and provided our client with over 17,000 assemblies and parts in a 6- month time period. These parts were then welded into place on the Amusement Theme Park Ride track forever bonding JSI to the client. These parts included weldments and machined parts that ranged in size from 3”x 5” to 6’ in length. The majority of these parts had to be painted with weld-primer by JSI to inhibit rust before the parts could be welded into place. JSI was capable of meeting the client’s 24hr installation schedule and keep their 40-member weld team supplied with parts to weld. With JSI’s help our client was able to reopen the Amusement Theme Park Ride ahead of schedule.

Challenge: Fabricate over 25,000 aluminum parts for the HMMWV.
Client: US Army

The US Army fabrication machines had gotten so busy that they had no time to manufacture their parts made out of high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. Therefore, they decided to outsource their production of these parts.

JSI Solution:

JSI was able to seamlessly fill the production void and create drawings of the parts supplied to them by the US Army. JSI was able to fabricate over 25,000 parts for the men and women of the US Army at Tobyhanna, PA.

Challenge: Design, Build, and Install a Large Custom Work Mezzanine Platform Within 2 Weeks. Client: Mitsubishi Power Systems

JSI Solution:

Using Solidworks, the JSI team designed, fabricated, and installed a mezzanine platform for our customer’s new manufacturing facility in 2 weeks. We also designed and fabricated various platforms for their watertank and coordinate measurement machines. In addition, we provided structural analysis and material selection assistance for a metal rack that was to be placed in an oven at temperatures exceeding 1500 deg F.

Even after people have said that it couldn’t be done our designs have been proven to be sound and exceed the customer’s expectations. For instance, we have designed and fabricated custom foldable steps for their machining equipment after the manufacturer said that our design would not work. Because of our outstanding work and timeliness, Mitsubishi Power Systems continues to be one of our most loyal customers.



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